Thursday, September 13, 2012

To Oopsies & Best Friends

So, as you all have seen, I have been absent for a few weeks.  As I mentioned on Facebook, I forgot my login to my blog. I could NOT get in to my blog. I forgot the email I used. The password.  The whole nine yards.  I will define for you all in the near future the true, living example of ADD.  Yes, I have it.  Diagnosed.  Treated and ongoing. I sometimes fail to write things down.  When I don't forget to write them down, I forget WHERE I wrote them down.  Ugh.  Just another cramp in my 40ish something existence.  So here's to my oopsie for the month of September!

Now, on to more cramps.  I'm continuing to struggle with my "Change Challenge".  BUT I haven't given up! I have made better choices and I have failed to make EXCELLENT choices.  Does that make sense? I have given up Pepsi which is my true love. I have cut back on portions and eating past 7 pm. BUT I have failed to walk on a daily basis and put a defined plan in place to lose weight. I am down several pounds, but at this point I could be down 10-15 lbs. So, guess what?  I will march on!! I find that my struggles are more common that I've realized before, and that I can do this!  I HAVE to do this!  I want to be healthy.  I honestly think God is placing people in my life that have succeeded in losing weight and becoming healthy, and I look forward to spending more time with those friends and learning from them. You know who you are! (Wink wink)

On a lighter note~ in this "epic journey of finding me" I had such fun a couple of weeks ago!  My childhood friend, Lori Lanier Fatzinger, invited me to the Opry to see Keith Urban.  What fun we had!  Of course, we enjoyed the URBAN music,  the EPIC tale of Keith personally singing to Lori (for her birthday~), the good food & margaritas, the down town music of Nashville, and the rockin' surprise of KISS & Motley Crue sharing the same hotel!  But the most memorable time was just sharing, laughing and talking with one of my best friends in the world.  We have always shared laughter, tears, ups and downs, and we have always always been friends.  Through miles of separation, trials within our families, marriages and divorces; Lori has always been a constant.  No matter what this life holds for either of us; We are forever friends.  I know that in this day and time that is a gift.  So, Lori, thank you!  Thank you for your constant, loyal and sweet friendship.  I cherish it with all my heart.  I look forward to many more years of being your friend.  Heck, I've even been called your boyfriend.  (I may explain that to you all at a later date.  She knows what I'm talking about).  Love you girl!

So, I journey on.  Thank you all for sharing my struggles, my hopes and my dreams! And remember to "be beautiful" in everything you do! 

To be continued.....


  1. Love every moment we have shared and look foward to so many moments to come!! I love sharing " being in our 40's". With you!!! Even if we sometimes act 7 or feel like 16!
    Love you ... And I'll never forget the first sentence you said to me my first day in Barlow.

  2. And thank you for being my forever friend!!!!!

  3. Oh, we never act 7!! LOL Thank you! Don't know what I would've done without you all these years! I have always known you were there for me!

  4. That pool picture just took me back! I'm remembering two very sweet, pretty little girls from kindergarten at Barlow!
    Congrats, Leigh Ann on this blog - prayers and good wishes as you move forward. You might check out the "Let's Do Lunch" diet philosophy (google it) - worked for me!

  5. After I lost almost 60 pounds (due to illness, I didn't work for it!) I decided to work to keep it off! I do zumba monday, Wednesdays and Saturdays (you should soooooo try it, it's so much fun!) snd I walk on Tuesdays and Thursdays. However, I eat what I want.. just not tons of it! Well, except Breyers and well, anyone who remotely knows me I have a problem with Breyers Chocolate and Strawberry ice cream mixed together! lol

    I was always overweight (and borderline hypothyroid) for most all of my life. When my weight ballooned to 186 I knew I was fat but I was happy. A lot of people (while being heavy) SAY they're actually happy and then if they lose weight admit that they weren't happy. I truly was always happy lol I know that my amazing hubby played the biggest role in that because he always let me know he was attracted to me, loved me, he was affectionate it, attentive etc. (I do know how blessed I am) but I've always liked me! I have the most amazing sense of humor, I'm loyal to the end, I'm honest to a fault.

    I think you're a GREAT person, you're truly beautiful. I mean stunningly beautiful. You always have been. You've always had this amazing smile, and friendliness about you. EVEN in high school when a lot of girls (cheerleaders, rich girls, popular girls, etc etc ) were.. well.. bitches lol You truly are NOT a "big girl". However, you have to be happy with you. (also, I'm sure that beings that you were a negative size 0 lol growing up any sort of weight gain would make you feel "bigger than what you are") I can say you're not Big cause I recently saw you and you still look awesome!

    I truly hope you "get healthier and happier" for your own benefit, but from the outside looking at ya.. you really do look awesome!

    Keep on keeping on!