Friday, September 14, 2012

For the Love of Self.

I do not consider myself a selfish person.  Is it selfish to love yourself? 

Let's talk friends.....

After many years of self condemnation, I do believe that I have finally learned to love who I am.  For years I didn't.  Years. The insecurities of just "being" developed early for me. Remembering back to elementary school it was my bucked teeth and boyish hair cut. Middle School it was just the daily attempts to fit in.  In High School it was finding that boy who would love me, the clothes that would make me beautiful, the social life that reigned above all, and the goal of reaching the status of "popular" that I had so highly set for myself.  Truly, it never happened.  I never got there. I never felt like I fit.

In my early 20's it was about me almost "being there".  New set of friends, new marriage, new church, and new family.  My status, socially, was climbing in the world's view. But was I there internally? No. With time, came my babies, and my existence became more valuable. I was good at this Mom thing. There were two little girls who needed me. Motherhood surely made my confidence soar as I had finally found a place in life. I do believe this is where God began to teach me, mold me and define for me; what my worth really was. 

Yes, I said God.  Without Him, I have nothing. Am I perfect in my faith? No. I'm not a perfect person at all.  If I was even close, I wouldn't feel any of the things I wrote about in my first paragraph.  I have, however, learned that my relationship with God is not based on the things I don't do. It's based on me accepting His love and gift to me. I don't have to answer to anyone on this earth about the way I've chosen to live my life. I'm not here to please men.  Truly, that has been one of the overwhelming obstacles in my life.  This is part of me accepting myself, and knowing that GOD knows my heart. I don't have to prove it to anyone else. 

I've discovered in my 40's that in life you have to learn to accept yourself. Love yourself. Forgive yourself. Believe in yourself.  Because without can't love, accept, forgive or believe in others.  I believe that God designed the person I am. I believe that He loves me beyond my faults.  I pray, daily, that He move me out of the way so I can be who HE designed me to be.  

My parents taught me many things throughout my childhood.  Be a friend. Forgive those who hurt you. Treat others like you want to be treated.  Lend help to someone in need. Defend those who are mistreated.  Be the bigger person, and always do what's right.  Do not get me wrong.  There are times, in anger, that I'd rather slap someone silly than do what's right. I get mad. Really mad. I don't like to see people wronged or be wronged myself.  I have a tiger within me that wants to defend my family and friends. BUT, through life's tough lessons; I have learned that everyone has hurts. Everyone has been through something that has made them bitter or sad.  A lot of people have deep hurts that we will never know about.  I can't judge.  I have to look within myself and examine my own heart.  That's all I'm responsible for.

So, love yourself.  Believe in yourself.  Accept yourself.  And forgive yourself!  Forgiveness is so important! Let go of your mistakes and guilt.  I promise you it will be like being reborn.  Guilt is a captor.  It will hold you captive and destroy you.  I know from experience. Loving yourself is not selfish.  It's believing that your creator doesn't make mistakes. He knows what He's doing!  He can use any mistake that you've made and grow you in to a beautiful soul! I still have a lot of growing to do.  I still have pity parties where I'm the only attendee.  I still act ugly.  (On occasion).  I still have moments of discontentment.  I still want to beat myself up when I mess up. 

But ya know what?  This epic tale of "finding me" the mean time, love yourself so you can love others and I will do the same.  

Be beautiful,

Leigh Ann 


  1. It's been in my 35-almost my 42 years old range that I am now that I've really learned to accept me, be happy with me and love me. I think we spend way too much time "being there for everyone" that we forget to be there for ourselves. Believe it or not, as cheesy as this sounds.. it was in watching a Dr. Phil show when I was about 35 where his wife said, "If you don't take care of YOU first you're doing your family a diservice, If you don't make time for YOU only you aren't going to be able to give the most to them." It's so true! That and going through a major, very scary illness prompted me to try and be healthier, happier, and content. I don't have much money, don't drive a fancy car but I have an awesome house that I live in (the point in saying this was there was a time where I was worried about cars/money/etc and thought I needed to have a nice car or certain things.. now I know I LIVE in my home and I LOVE my house.. I don't live in a car and as long as it's reliable and I don't have a payment or at least not a big one, even better! lol) and I'm content. I don't say content in a "settling for less" manner either. I think being content is HARD to come by for most people. So if you can be content.. life's good! Don't get me wrong, I still battle Health problems, kid problems, friend problems etc but man.. I'm content! :) Keep on keeping on Leigh.. you're awesome.

  2. Excellent! Well said! True! Beginning to learn who we are in Christ and how He sees and values us is the beginning of a true heavenly romance. With eyes wide open to His love for us, in us...our life becomes more joyous and "doable". Life is a journey and the adventures with Him are at times wild, crazy and even scary! But hang on baby! The ride is worth it!..Love You!