Monday, August 13, 2012

Finding myself....

I believe there have been many times in my life where I've wanted to "find myself".  Who am I? What defines me? What are my dreams?  What scares me? What are my passions? What makes me content? At 18, after graduating from high school, I found myself getting married.  Later in my 20's I became a Mom.  At this point in my life; I did have some revelation that this was something that I was good at!  I didn't quit at the first sign of stress.  My heart and soul were poured into these 2 little girls that soon became my world.  

In my 30's life became somewhat difficult.  Insecurities, failures, depression, and the onset of my reality were almost too much too handle. My 17 year marriage failed and it was my choice.  Yes, I chose divorce.  I chose it over my children's security and happiness.  I chose it for me.  As I felt like I had lost myself in a marriage where I had no real identity. I was someone's wife.  Someone's mother. My name was Leigh Ann. I had fears.  I had sadness. I had an overwhelming lack of self esteem. I felt lost.  To be better; I needed to find out who I was.  Who I wanted to be. I owed it to myself.  To my girls. 

My second chance came in my latter 30s when I met my husband, Patrick. At this point in life, our life together produced a combined family of 3 girls and one 1 boy.  Ranging in age from 3-14.  Life seemed peaceful, and even with work and sharing our kids with their other parents, I became somewhat content.  I believe my 30s were my most "beautiful" years. (laughing out loud). I did feel my best physically.  I FELT beautiful.  I began to dress like someone who is comfortable in their own skin.  My 30s and I. We had a good time. 

My 20's

My 30's

My 40's
Then it happened.  The new decade in my life came.  It started with a 4.  Ended with a 0.  Wow. Happily married- CHECK.  Beautiful & happy children- CHECK.  Feeling healthy- Nope. Feeling sexy- Nope.  Career in Place- Nope. Ideal weight?- Nope. 

So here I am.  Finding myself.  Come with me.  We'll take a look at the emotions, the daily grind, and all the girlie things that help make us who we are~ and help us to feel, act, and love beautifully! 

Journey on,

Leigh Ann


  1. Absolutely AWESOME, Leigh Ann!!! So proud of you for taking this step, and I will gladly take this journey with you! Hugs, hon!!!

  2. I have always thought of you as beautiful!!

    1. journeyofamomx3 will you email me please?

  3. Looked at at your pics through the decades and you are becoming more beautiful every year!!

    1. Thank you! Mona, will you please email me @